September 23, 2022

Product Update - Allegrow + Close CRM Integration

We’re delighted to announce that Allegrow now integrates with Close CRM to provide a better user experience for our shared customers.

Product Update - Allegrow + Close CRM Integration

We’ve previously outlined the importance of combining your outreach application with an inbox placement provider. One of the core best practices to increase sender reputation is to analyse and ensure you have the correct number of mailboxes provisioned for warming. 

We firmly believe that combining your outreach application with Allegrow - the #1 inbox placement platform, is a core step to help your emails reach the primary inbox, not the spam folder and prevent your sender reputation from declining as you scale outreach. 

Therefore, we’re proud to announce our integration with Close CRM and happy to outline; how you can start using our new integration and why allowing Allegrow to analyse your outreach data and suggest insights can help keep you out of spam jail and increase engagement.

Updated: To include email Safety Net functionality on 23rd of June 2023. Now Allegrow will even prevent emails from leaving Close that would hurt your sender reputation.

How does it work 

Simply connect Close CRM to your Allegrow account following the 3-steps or video outlined in our help section

You can find Allegrow now listed on the Close app marketplace and navigate towards the integration directly from your CRM if you’d like. 

But remember, you’ll need to be fully registered with Allegrow to turn on the integration. So if you’re a Close user and want to evaluate if Allegrow is a great fit to help you improve open and reply rates - as a first step book a demo with us here

What does the Allegrow + Close CRM Integration Provide

Allegrow will begin to measure your sender reputation and provide positive interactions to improve inbox placement seamlessly alongside your Close CRM prospecting.

No Idea what warm-up or sender reputations are? Check out our complete guide on the subject matter here. 

An outline from a current user of the integration (Ramzi at Lux Sales Consulting) shows how the combination of Close and Allegrow can improve open and reply rates on cold outreach:

By combining Close and Allegrow, you will add value through the following functionality:

  • Interactive dashboard to track spam score and domain reputation for multiple emails within Allegrow.

  • Allegrow automatically runs risk analysis and stops emails which would damage your sender reputation leaving Close with a Safety Net.
  • A/B testing of your content to determine which emails are least likely to land in the spam folder.

  • AI Content Drafting to help you create better content tests with less friction.

  • Gives actionable insights into how you can optimize your mailbox.

  • Increases your email interactions in a regulated manner and displays a daily record of your sending patterns.

  • A leaderboard to rank the spam rate on a daily basis of individual users that are performing well and which of them need to be optimized further.