Spam Suspension Resolution

Email accounts being suspended can create friction for both sales teams and the IT department and signal deeper issues with sales execution in some cases.

Diagnose and Resolve

Allegrow provides a single source of truth for spam rate and sender reputation of every outbound email user in your organization. This data, combined with our research and domain expertise, means you can effectively diagnose and resolve mailboxes being suspended once and for all as a postmaster. 

Ongoing Analysis

In any case of a mailbox being suspended inside your organization, there are multiple potential reasons. Some are due to manual spam reports or poor sending behavior from specific users, whereas some cases are purely systematic suspensions due to what the mail provider may perceive as a security risk to the account needing to be checked:

  • Accurate spam rate and sender reputation, which is created from first-party data and updated on a daily basis inside Allegrow. Allows you to clarify if user activity caused suspensions. 
  • Inbox placement data following the guidance we can provide you on reinstating the user allows you to assess if the suspension has had a lasting impact on the user’s sender reputation. 
  • An SDR spam rate leaderboard. Allows every SDR to view their spam rate as a KPI while ranking the highest to lowest performers so additional support gets provided to the right reps. 

While error codes provided by email providers are opaque, Allegrow can provide a transparent analysis. 

Avoid Spam Reports

One of the most important reasons for spam suspensions which can damage your sender reputation in the long term, are manual spam reports from prospects. Inside Allegrow, we provide functionality to reduce the risk of these reports and improve your sender reputation:

  • The Allegrow Safety Net™ stops automated emails being sent to contacts that are spam traps, invalid emails and regular spam reporters. We do this by running risk analysis automatically in the scheduled state of your sales engagement platform. 
  • Allegrow tests DKIM, SPF and DMARC every hour automatically, using real email traffic on every new and existing user. This shows you’re a trustworthy sender to email providers and monitors the risk of DNS errors during your transition. 
  • Receive full sequence reviews aided with generative AI and human insight as part of your Allegrow plan. These reviews will identify verbiage that leads to spam reports and include rewrite examples to mitigate spam issues. 

This functionality, combined with Allegrow’s partnership and integrations directly with your sales engagement platform, provides a 360-degree approach to managing issues arising from suspensions impacting your sales team.