Safeguarding Domain Health

Allegrow’s approach and technology are built for safeguarding domain health, across multiple domains which have different use cases and target reputations.

Long-term approach

The world's leading sales teams are looking to build a sustainable sales process on top of the world's best sales engagement platforms. This sustainable practice involves sub-domains being consistently used for different use cases inside an enterprise-ready SEP. Rather than an unsustainable approach involving rotating domains. Allegrow aligns with consistent domain health protection with the following functionality:

  • Allegrow supports and advises on the implementation and roll-out of subdomains for different sending operations to mitigate sender reputation risk on your core domain.
  • Allegrow tests DKIM, SPF and DMARC every hour automatically, using real email traffic to cover your basis on email authentication. This demonstrates you’re a trustworthy sender to email providers.
  • The Allegrow Safety Net™ helps mitigate the risk of automated emails being sent to contacts that will hurt your sender reputation (like spam traps, invalid emails and regular spam reporters). We do this by running risk analysis automatically in the scheduled state of your sales engagement platform.
  • Content Testing allows you to definitively measure the spam rating of different content variations your team creates. To provide clarity of filtering implications and maximize engagement from your audience.
  • A per-email user deliverability leaderboard. This allows every outbound user to view their spam rate as a KPI while ranking the highest to lowest performers so additional support gets provided in the right place.

Industry-Leading Data

By sending test email traffic to B2B inboxes which have unique postmasters, Allegrow provides the only reliable first-party data set on the percentage of your emails landing in spam folders vs the primary inbox. With this data being analyzed at scale, you have a deliverability partner to help you make data-driven decisions and make deliverability a competitive advantage for your organisation:

  • Benchmark your prospecting engagement and KPIs with the support of your dedicated customer success manager at Allegrow. Evaluate a mutually agreed action plan for domain health.
  • Be the first to access updates to Allegrows leading research on topics which are notoriously blind spots for operations, such as TLD Choice, Subdomain Naming, and Sequence Execution.
  • Receive full sequence reviews aided with generative AI and human insight as part of your Allegrow plan. These reviews will identify spam risks and include rewrite examples to mitigate spam issues.