Introducing Allegrow, the #1 platform for inbox placement

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Allegrow takes your email outreach to a new level as you leverage our technology to optimise your sender reputation and inbox placement. Make the priority inbox where your emails land, not the spam folder.

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More Leads

Increased sender reputation allows more prospects inside your cadences to open your emails and engage with you. This generates leads more efficiently and the overall reply rates on your campaigns.

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David Battson
Director, Data HQ
"We send approximately 500K emails/month and after using Allegrow for over 60-days, we've seen our click through rates increase by 50% above their average level and are keen to see how much more we can accomplish with the platform in the long term"

More Conversions

Insights from the Allegrow network of the thousands of email spam folders we monitor keep you firing on every email outreach best practice. Having real-time data across all major ISPs increases lead conversion rates as your emails won’t slip through the cracks.

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Doug Dundas
Chief Marketing Officer, Essentia Analytics
“In our first 90 days with Allegrow, our spam rating fell by 42% while open rates rose 34% on the 40K prospect emails we send through Pardot each month.”

More Transparency

The frequency that your emails get placed inside prospects primary inbox compared to the spam, unfocused, or junk folder is no longer a blind spot with the multiple tests our technology automates every day. Now you’ll reliably track this data across various marketing campaigns and demand generation programs.

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Peter Fabianski
Director of PreSales Engineering - Black Kite
“Allegrow is the best upcoming tool for deliverability and inbox placement. We monitor our domain's reputation and gain a constant boost from Allegrow that helps us keep our outbound campaigns steady and consistent. The functionality to real-time warm, increase and monitor domains reputation and spam rate goes far beyond the standard monitoring tools on the market.”