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Connecting Allegrow to your Google Workspace account is vital to provide transparency and a single source of truth for where your emails are landing when you conduct prospecting.

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Google Workspace

Allegrow connects to your business Google Workspace (Gmail) account. This addition takes deliverability to a new level as you can measure, improve and maintain inbox placement with a single source of truth for sender reputation.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

About Allegrow on Google Workspace

By connecting Allegrow into Gmail, every member of your team will have a deliverability data scientist analysing where their email traffic is landing on average. So you can have clarity on if you're reaching the inbox or the spam folder. We firmly believe this 360-degree approach inside your organization's systems is the only way to consistently measure and mitigate the risk outbound creates for deliverability. By connecting, you’ll unlock the following functionality:

  • Track Domain Health with data points updated daily. 
  • Measure all your users' individual Spam Rates. 
  • Hourly tests using real traffic on DKIM, SPF and DMARC. 
  • Team Leaderboard shows your users with the best to worst spam rates. 
  • Solve which version of your content reaches the primary inbox, the most often. 
  • Positive interactions on every sales reps mailbox.
  • Add an on-demand deliverability coach to your teams' enablement stack. Positive interactions on every sales reps mailbox.

Allegrow aligns on partnering with the most technically enabled businesses in the world to fulfil our mission of making sure the most valuable communications your team will ever send to customers and prospects alike, don’t fall through the cracks.

Google Workspace

Connect Google Workspace

Firstly, you’ll need to have subscribed to Allegrow for connecting with your Google Workspace users. The connection process is simple for each user to conduct individually with our documentation and accessing our various support channels if you have any questions. 

  • Fill in the specific details of the account you want to connect in Allegrow (check the full connection documentation before you conduct this). 
  • Make sure you have set up two-factor authentication for the account you are connecting.
  • Then select 'Connect Your Mailbox' in Allegrow. 

You can find more in-depth guidance on the connection process, including annotated pictures of each page in the process, in our help centre here. Allegrow also provides post-connection documentation on managing Allegrow, which your team can view on demand, or with the assistance and guidance of the dedicated customer success manager assigned to your account and introduced to your Allegrow admin over email on or before your start date with Allegrow.

Google Workspace

Support for Your Connection

Allegrow will provide you with a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) as your key point of contact for any support-related questions while using our platform. Support on Allegrow can be delivered through the following mediums:

  • Zoom meeting scheduled directly with your CSM. 
  • Email directly to your CSM. 
  • Live chat with in-app customer support. 
  • Self-service support is also available in our help centre. (if you’d like to find documentation independently). 
  • Consistent research and playbooks for best practices are also available in our knowledge base
  • You will also receive a sequence of ‘spam reviews’ and ‘rewrite’ examples included on your Allegrow subscription. The quantity of these you can access depends on your plan. 

Your Customer Success Manager proactively reaches out to schedule meetings with you and other relevant stakeholders during your Allegrow subscription to help you utilise the functionality Allegrow contains. You may also have the facility to access your customer success manager's calendar and schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient for you and your team. In addition to this, Allegrow will send automated reputation reports and alerts during your subscription.

Google Workspace