SDR onboarding

New SDRs tend to have a less established and therefore more fragile sender reputation than tenured reps. Utilize Allegrow to improve deliverability for new sales development representatives.

Set a strong foundation

Allegrow provides a comprehensive system to build inbox placement on a new mailbox from scratch, which integrates directly into the SDR’s sales engagement system. This allows a new SDR to ensure they are reaching the primary inbox at the same rate as their peers, leading to a better onboarding process for new reps, letting your team get fully ramped faster.  

SDR Ramping

To consistently reach prospects' primary inboxes, a new SDR will need to ramp up the mailbox they use for sending. Their exact user will have a limited history in email providers' eyes, therefore ramping inside the Allegrow network is the process of steadily building positive interactions to show the new email account is receiving good feedback from recipients and a reputable sender.

The interactions conducted in the Allegrow network provide positive engagement on your newly established account, these interactions include:

  • Replies in threads to test emails we’ve sent. These threads build like real B2B conversations.  
  • Categorization of your emails. When your emails land inside spam folders within our network, we can automatically report them as not spam to improve sender reputation.
  • Emails are Marked as important on a portion of the email traffic we simulate inside receiver inboxes.

The above activity will be automatically throttled inside Allegrow. We’ll also provide you with a throttling formula and guidance for starting the activity inside the SDRs sales engagement system slowly and steadily increasing.

Long-term SDR deliverability

After an SDR has built strong initial deliverability, due to the outbound nature of the SDR role each rep will need to continually optimize inbox placement and avoid sending actions which hurt reputation. Allegrow addresses the requirement for building a sustainable sender reputation over the long term with 360-degree functionality:

  • The Allegrow Safety Net™ helps mitigate the risk of automated emails being sent to contacts that will hurt your sender reputation (like spam traps, invalid emails and regular spam reporters). We do this by running risk analysis automatically in the scheduled state of your sales engagement platform.
  • Content Testing allows you to definitively measure the spam rating of different content variations your team creates. This provides clarity of filtering implications and maximizes engagement from your audience.
  • An SDR spam rate leaderboard. Allowing every SDR to view their spam rate as a KPI while ranking the highest to lowest performers so additional support gets provided to the right reps.

This functionality, combined with Allegrows’ partnership and integrations directly with your sales engagement platform, provides an unrivaled solution for SDR deliverability.