Allegrow is the undisputed highest-quality platform for outbound email deliverability with a specialized feature set.

Inbox Placement Data

Single Source of Truth on where your email traffic is Landing.

By sending test email traffic to B2B inboxes which have unique postmasters, Allegrow provides the only reliable first-party data set on the percentage of your emails landing in spam folders vs the primary inbox. This data is monitored and analyzed across all your domains, individual email users and variations of content you send.

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Spot Deliverability Issues

With real-time data, resolve deliverability issues before they hurt.

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Real B2B Mailboxes

The source of data inside Allegrow is real B2B mailboxes with unique postmasters.

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360-Degree Spam Rate

See how often emails are going to spam for each email user, domain and version of content you write.

Outbound Safety Net™

Automatically stop emails that damage deliverability.

Our email Safety Net™ runs risk analysis on every scheduled email in your sales engagement platform. When an email to a high-risk contact is scheduled, we automatically stop that email leaving your sales engagement platform. This protects your sender reputation while your team is still enabled to leverage automation.

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Fully integrated

We live inside the platforms you use to automate outbound emails.

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Remove Spam Reporters

Consolidate multiple data sets to remove contacts who are likely to manually report your emails as spam.

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Avoid Bounces

Risk analysis identifies which scheduled contacts are likely to produce bounces and hurt your deliverability.

Go beyond warm up

Interactions on mailboxes with the most sophisticated system.

Allegrow is built on a network of real mailboxes that perform complex interactions, to truly support the outbound email use-case and build a sustainable sender reputation over the long term. Positive interactions on messages we automatically send on behalf of your team help improve sender reputation.

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