Allegrow is the #1 inbox placement solution

Reach the primary inbox, not the spam folder, with the defacto solution to solve cold email deliverability once and for all.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Peace of Mind for Outbound Deliverability

Become proactive rather than reactive with one platform to secure, recover and monitor inbox placement.

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Positive interactions on Every Mailbox and Domain
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Track Spam Rate Reliably
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Automatically catch emails that hurt deliverability

Make email work the way it really should

Landing in spam, promotion or unfocused folders is the top risk to your email infrastructure. Allegrow has your back to make sure you don’t fall through the cracks.

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50+ Million emails analyzed for inbox placement
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Thousands of SDRs connected
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Integrates directly to where you work

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“A MUST have for outbound sales motions”

Allegrow is Great for increasing your email reputation score. Honestly, if you do outbound sales or sales campaigns in general - either personalised or automated, you NEED a product monitoring your email sender reputation score. With all the ISPs cracking down on what emails get inbox placement or go to spam, a tool like Allegrow is the next big thing in the sales tech stack.

The team are responsive and work with you to really nail down and make improvements on ensuring your emails are getting inbox placement and not landing in spam or promotion folders.

“Peace of mind and Great Results”

Having used various email deliverability and warm-up tools prior to Allegrow, I can safely say that Allegrow is my favorite. We have seen increased open rates and decreased spam rates. Overall, it gives great peace of mind especially when sending a lot of emails.

“Great email warmup service, with great support team”

The service works as intended, saving our email deliverability from tanking during a new domain warmup. In fact, it has gotten us out of a few jams at this point.

The team behind the product is excellent to work with, very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.

They take the time to understand their client's needs and work towards meeting them where they are. The product is simple to set up and is generally pretty much set it and forget it in terms of daily management.


Tick Every Deliverability Box

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Spam Rate Analysis

Unlock the only single source of truth for the percentage of email traffic on your domain that gets filtered into spam folders.

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Safety Net™

Automatically stop emails that will hurt your company's sender reputation with the Safety Net™ inside your Sales Engagement Platform.

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Positive interactions

Build sender reputation sustainably with a network of real mailboxes conducting complex interactions.

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Test DKIM, SPF and DMARC every hour automatically, using real email traffic to cover your bases on email authentication.

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Content Inbox Placement

See for the first time how exactly email providers are filtering different variations of the content you send.

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Deliverability Leaderboard

Rank every sender in your company from the highest to lowest spam rate, so one user can’t sink the entire department.

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Works directly inside your Sales Engagement and Email Platforms

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For teams

For Every Role Inside the World's Top Go-to-Market team

When you're the top vendor in your space, inbox placement and deliverability become a competitive advantage at scale.

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Sales Ops teams

Specifically for sales operations end users to effectively manage the risk that outbound email traffic creates in your sales process.

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SDR teams

Make sure the contacts you work so hard to target with the right message at the right time can actually see your email.

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Leadership teams

Sleep better at night knowing that the risk an outbound sales motion puts on the entire company's email infrastructure and domain is effectively managed.