January 28, 2023

Product Update - Leaderboard on Allegrow

We’re happy to announce Leaderboard functionality is live in Allegrow. Compare inbox placement and spam rate across individual mailboxes on your SDR team.

Product Update - Leaderboard on Allegrow

As well as analyzing inbox placement and spam rates across your various sending domains, monitoring and comparing the average spam rates across specific SDRs emails is now easier inside Allegrow. 

We’re happy to introduce leaderboard functionality to your Allegrow dashboard, where each individual mailbox you have connected will be ranked and comparable inside the new leaderboard section:

Allegrow Leaderboard Image

This functionality will help to quickly identify users who are in need of optimisation of their email outreach - before their usage begins to significantly impact sender reputation domain-wide. 

How to Analyze This Data

You’ll at least want to check-in on your leaderboard twice weekly on Allegrow as an admin user. Do this by checking the leaderboard section of your Allegow admin here

While reviewing your leaderboard, we’d advise looking out for the following actionable data:

  • Users which are consistently higher/lower than your domain-wide average across multiple weeks. This can provide insight into how this user's email usage could either be optimal or problematic for inbox placement.

  • Significantly lower-performing users who will require additional support to receive the same inbox placement as the rest of the team.

  • Ensuring you’re analyzing trends, which have been held consistently over more than one week. Due to the data reporting being in real-time, you can expect general variance from the data set. 

Using The Allegrow Leaderboard

You’ll see the Allegrow leaderboard is available inside your dashboard as soon as you’ve added your teams' mailboxes.

As well as checking and analyzing data as an admin (guidance here), your go-to-market users will want to keep track of their score to understand how they compare to their peers for spam rating.

The Allegrow leaderboard is dynamic and constantly updating based on the data we analyze from your users' inboxes as we track what folders of the inbox their emails are landing in.