June 24, 2023

Allegrow + Integration

Allegrow is happy to release unlimited AI Content Drafting for Scale Plus plans. Draft your content tests at the perfect cold email length for engagement.

Allegrow + Integration

Combining Allegrow with outreach helps you monitor and reduce your spam rate. This means more of the emails you send prospects and customers will land in the primary inbox, rather than the spam folder. 

By integrating Allegrow into Outreach, every member of your team will have a deliverability data scientist monitoring and optimising every email, domain and variation of content your team sends to reach the primary inbox. 

We firmly believe this 360-degree approach for automatically optimizing deliverability means the most valuable communications your team will ever send to customers and prospects alike, don’t fall through the cracks. 

With Allegrow Inside Outreach, you will be able to analyze and control the risk of emails your organisation sends landing in spam jail, for the first time. 

What Does the Allegrow + Integration Provide

After connecting Allegrow to outreach, you’ll have access to the following key features to optimize your deliverability: 

  • Interactive dashboard to track spam score and domain reputation for multiple emails within Allegrow.

  • Allegrow automatically runs risk analysis and stops emails which would damage your sender reputation leaving outreach with a Safety Net.

  • A/B testing of your content to determine which emails are least likely to land in the spam folder.

  • AI Content Drafting to help you create better content tests with less friction.

  • Gives actionable insights into how you can optimize your mailbox.

  • Increases your email interactions in a regulated manner and displays a daily record of your sending patterns.

  • A leaderboard to rank the spam rate on a daily basis of individual users that are performing well and which of them need to be optimized further.

How does it work 

To integrate Allegrow to follow our instructions here. 

You’ll need to already have an Allegrow account registered and set-up for the integration to start working. 

This is what Outreach users have had to say so far on Allegrow:

Our approved integration as a verified Outreach technology partner is listed on the Outreach app marketplace.