November 26, 2022

Product Update - MS Open Authentication on Allegrow

We’re supporting OAuth for Microsoft O365 users on Allegrow. This supports Microsoft's initiative on modern authentication and helps your team seamlessly connect to Allegrow.

Product Update - MS Open Authentication on Allegrow

Allegrow has supported connection to Office 365 mailboxes to track your inbox placement and improve deliverability for Microsoft email users since day one.

We're now happy to announce as Open Authentication (oAuth) is implemented for Microsoft mailboxes on Allegrow, we are able to consolidate our connection guidance for Microsoft users and provide a faster connection process than ever before. 

This update impacts all Microsoft email package types which connect to Allegrow, and has become available to users to implement system-wide on the 23rd of December 2022. Our initial notice that this feature would become available was posted on November 26th, 2022. Therefore, you can now expect the way you connect Microsoft mailboxes to be using modern authentication (oAuth).

To make sure you have of all the details, we’ve outlined:

- How Does This Work?

- What Action is Required?

- What does Allegrow OAuth for O365 Provide?

How Does This Work?

With our update onto OAuth for Microsoft, you will connect an account by selecting the mailbox you wish to connect from the options which are displayed after selecting the the O356 email instance from the options available inside Allegrow. Then proceed to consent for Allegrow to access your account and establish a connection. 

In order to do this, you will need to be actively logged into the mailbox which you are looking to connect to Allegrow in your browser. You will also want to make sure to select the mailbox you specifically want to connect to Allegrow. 

Full guidance on connecting your Microsoft email to Allegrow using open authentication is available here (step by step instructions).

What Action is Required?

If you’re an existing Allegrow user, you will need to re-authenticate your mailbox to update the connection method to open authentication. This can be completed by reviewing the instructions for Upgrading to oAuth for Microsoft mailboxes (action is required).

As an existing user, you will want to ensure any mailboxes which you have connected using legacy authentication are updated/re-connected using OAuth before January 1st 2023. During January 2023, Allegrow will begin to stop supporting legacy authentication for Microsoft mailboxes and will require connection using open authentication. 

If you’re a new user or connecting a new mailbox, you will need to review our connection instructions for Microsoft mailboxes.

What does Allegrow OAuth for O365 Provide?

Modern authentication being implemented on Allegrow for Microsoft users provides a straightforward connection process where you can connect your Microsoft mailbox to Allegrow in a matter of seconds. While developing this functionality we're happy to announce Allegrow has been fully registered and verified as a Microsoft Partner.

Providing OAuth for Office 365 is an essential part of Allegrow’s development to create a seamless experience for B2B users who are committed to improving their email deliverability and inbox placement.