June 24, 2023

Product Update - AI Content Drafting

Allegrow is happy to release unlimited AI Content Drafting for Scale Plus plans. Draft your content tests at the perfect cold email length for engagement.

Product Update - AI Content Drafting

Allegrow lets you see which version of the content you write has the lowest spam rate. 

We don’t do this using guesswork or ‘general data’; instead, we send each variation of the email content you’ve drafted to real B2B mailboxes and report back where each email lands. 

This lets users adapt their content structure and word choice so it doesn’t get caught in spam filters, aligning with our core objective of making hitting the primary inbox a science rather than an art. 

Today, we’re enriching our existing content testing functionality with AI Drafting to help users conduct more content tests in a quicker time frame, with more concise messaging. 

You start a content test inside your Allegrow account here

In this post, we’ll outline:

How AI Drafting Works

When you’re drafting the B version of your email for a content test, making the email more concise and cleanly structured for readability is the first step.

Inside Allegrow here, we’ll now help you accelerate this aspect of the drafting process using AI.

After you’ve entered the existing version of your content, you can select the ‘Shorten Variation A’ button inside Allegrow, and your email will be re-drafted at the ideal length to get a response. 

You should continue to edit your B Version after our AI has re-drafted, to make sure the aspect you want to spam test is incorporated and that you’re happy with the email content in general. 

It’s important to note, our goal with this functionality is to increase the speed you can create spam tests. Not to replace your own human input on email content. 

Optimal Cold Email Length

If the prospect you’re sending an email to doesn't fully read your message, there’s a 0% chance you’ll receive a positive response. 

Therefore, writing your emails at the length decision makers are likely to read is a prerequisite to getting engagement. With the Allegrow AI Content Drafting, you can consider this box checked. 

Based on the average reading speed in the US, combined with data that suggests decision makers will spend between 10-20 seconds on your email - you’ll want a cold email to be between 36 - 73 words in length to optimize engagement. 

You can click here to try AI Content Drafting inside Allegrow.