May 31, 2024

Deliverability Case Study: How Allegrow Solved Challenges for Warmly

This deliverability case study shows how Allegrow solved outbound email challenges for Warmly alongside and other sales apps.

Deliverability Case Study: How Allegrow Solved Challenges for Warmly

Case Study: How Allegrow Solved Email Deliverability Challenges at Warmly

In today's digital age, maintaining high email deliverability is crucial for businesses that rely on outbound marketing. Warmly, a company specializing in AI-driven chatbots, faced significant challenges with its email outreach. Keegan, Head of Revenue and Revops at Warmly, shared his journey and how Allegrow transformed their email strategy.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll outline in today’s case study:

About Warmly

Warmly is an AI and intent-driven chatbot that acts as an orchestrator for inbound and outbound communications, functioning like an AI Sales Development Representative (SDR). Keegan and his team utilize a robust tech stack, including HubSpot CRM, Outreach, Seamless, Apollo, and Orum, to manage their sales processes.

The Challenge

Warmly's previous email warm-up tool was inadequate. It failed to maintain domain health consistently, leading to a drop in deliverability rates. This challenge was particularly problematic given their extensive use of outreach tools. Keegan noted that while the tool managed to warm up their emails initially, it didn't sustain the warm state, resulting in deteriorated domain health over time.

Discovering Allegrow

Keegan discovered Allegrow through a chance encounter at the Outreach conference. Intrigued by Allegrow’s integration with, he decided to explore how Allegrow could address Warmly’s email deliverability issues. 

The need for a dedicated deliverability solution that sits inside their existing tech stack, was a clear choice for a fast-growing team of global sales development representatives. Allegrow is rarely the first deliverability solution a team uses but usually, the last one they’ll ever need. 

Implementing Allegrow

The decision to switch to Allegrow was driven by its unique features that provided preventative measures beyond simple email warming. Allegrow's ability to integrate with Outreach and identify risky emails before sending them out was a game-changer. This proactive approach prevented the need for constant domain recycling, which had previously been a significant time and resource drain.

Results Achieved

Since implementing Allegrow, Warmly has seen impressive improvements:

  • Increased Domain Health: Warmly's domain health consistently stayed above 96%, a notable increase from their previous range.
  • Extended Domain Lifespan: With Allegrow, Keegan’s team could maintain the same outbound domain for six to nine months, compared to the previous two to three months.
  • Improved Efficiency: The team saved considerable time and effort by reducing the frequency of domain changes and maintaining consistent outreach momentum.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Sales reps felt more confident in their email campaigns, knowing that Allegrow's preemptive checks minimized the risk of sending emails to bad addresses.
  • Higher Quota Attainment: Reps achieved between 85% to 120% of their quotas, with email being the second-highest channel for booking meetings.

The Future with Allegrow & Full video interview

In the above video, Keegan discusses their evaluation of Allegrow, including why the team moved from a different vendor. The unique functionality of Allegrow justifies the investment by delivering better go-to-market results for the team. When a business is at scale with its outbound motion, many of the cheaper tools in the space lack the full suite of proactive functionality to keep the sender's reputation high. The Safety Net (and more) inside Allegrow delivers this through its integration into the sales engagement platform.

Looking ahead, Keegan is excited about new features from Allegrow, such as the automation of email verification from conference lists. This feature promises to save even more time by automating tasks that previously required manual intervention.

For businesses heavily reliant on outbound email marketing, maintaining domain health is non-negotiable. Allegrow has proven to be an invaluable tool for Warmly, offering robust solutions that go beyond mere email warming. Keegan’s endorsement is a testament to Allegrow’s effectiveness, emphasizing its value in saving time, improving deliverability, and boosting overall efficiency.

If your business faces similar challenges with email deliverability, Allegrow is a highly recommended solution. It’s not just about warming up your emails; it’s about ensuring they stay warm and deliverable, safeguarding your outreach efforts from the ground up.

"Allegrow is a twelve out of ten. Highly recommend. It has saved me so much time and so much money for the company. It's worth the investment. They have a great CSM team and onboarding. Can't go wrong. It's the one tool that actually warms up and does the preventative work for you, so you don't have to when it comes to email." - Keegan, Warmly