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Generate Leads

Drive lead generation as Allegrow enables your team to increase open and reply rates on your prospecting cadences due to optimised inbox placement. We’ll make sure your emails are reaching the priority inbox, not decision-makers spam folders. Therefore the contact data you target and emails you send are not wasted.

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Scale Prospecting

When you’re scaling the number of prospects you engage with to hit growth targets, Allegrow lets you increase email outreach volume without reply rates declining. This allows you to extract value from every contact in your outreach process as you can be confident key decision-makers see your message.

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Drive Results

Increases the results from your go-to-market outbound playbook with Allegrow by leveraging our technology to decrease the number of emails your team sends that land in prospects spam and promotions folders by 50% inside a single quarter.

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Create coordination

Let your growth team coordinate the most engaging content with what ISPs give optimal inbox placement to. This means your marketing emails are received inside the primary inbox of your prospects.

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The Results

“Before Allegrow, I used multiple services for deliverability but never found a solution that was consistent. Now, after a quarter of using Allegrow exclusively, my email open rates have increased from 30% - 50%.”
Ramzi Malas, Founder - Lux Sales Consulting
“We send approximately 500K emails/month and after using Allegrow for over 60-days, we've seen our click through rates increase by 50% above their average level and are keen to see how much more we can accomplish with the platform in the long term”
David Battson, Director - Data HQ
"Reply rates and MQLs our campaigns generate have improved after connecting Allegrow. Inside our marketing automation app I can see our open percentages on campaigns have increased by more than 3x - I'd recommend the platform to any demand generation team looking for an edge"
Matthew Searle, Co-Founder - Roocru
"We increased our reply rate by more than 300% using Allegrow. In two months, we closed £22K worth of new business from leads generated by outreach with higher deliverability"
Matthew Jones, Marketing Director - Quba
“We tried a similar approach previously with no success but Allegrow has shown us this was down to execution. The platform has doubled our number of leads for the sales team.”
Charles Cridland, Chief Information Officer - YourParkingSpace 
“In our first 90 days with Allegrow, our spam rating fell by 42% while open rates rose 34% on the 40K prospect emails we send through Pardot each month.”
Doug Dundas, Chief Marketing Officer - Essentia Analytics