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Allegrow for Marketing Leadership

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Marketing Leadership

Generate Leads

Access to over 47 Million business decision-maker contacts with Allegrow, lets you build your ideal customer persona to generate B2B leads using filters like: seniority, job title, department, company size, industry, location and technology in place.

Proprietary Insights

Leverage proprietary insights on the style of communication and outbound campaign structure which engages decision-makers, specifically in the industries and size of businesses you target. Allegrow is solely optimised for prospecting in the marketing process.

Increase Results

The Allegrow platform is built to mimic genuine human outreach, that is highly personalised to increase deliverability. This and the campaign structure our platform suggests, is based on proprietary data we leverage test marketing to millions of decision-makers which creates 5x higher response rates.

Seamless Coordination

Allegrow leads produced from your campaigns are tracked and assigned to the relevant sales rep in real-time. This alongside our integration to your CRM means you can attribute the sales results produced from a specific campaign without data entry.

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The Results

"We increased our reply rate by more than 300% using Allegrow. In two months, we closed £22K worth of new business from leads generated by outreach with higher deliverability"
Matthew Jones, Marketing Director - Quba
“Customer acquisition cost 50% lower compared to Google ads, and a 25% increase in conversions. Sales wise £9,862 revenue has been booked so far from Allegrow leads”
James Oladujoye, CEO - The Coffee Desk
“We tried a similar approach previously with no success but Allegrow has shown us this was down to execution. The platform has doubled our number of leads for the sales team.”
Charles Cridland, Chief Information Officer - YourParkingSpace