Senior Full-Stack Engineer

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Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Global (Remote)

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer who likes to solve interesting challenges and has extensive experience building both beautiful frontends and well thought out backends.

All of our tech stack is modern, well architected and growing fast. We promise it's a pleasure working with it.

To keep things simple, we're using JS on both frontend and backend, with the frontend using React (with Redux) and the backend, NodeJs.

It's all fully serverless, following a textbook example of microservices architecture and all running in AWS.

These are a few of the technologies you'll be working with:

  • React (and Redux)
  • NodeJs
  • MySQL
  • Serverless Framework
  • AWS: Lambda, Cognito, Aurora Serverless (MySQL), Api Gateway, ElastiCache (Redis), Amplify, EventBridge, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, SES, S3


  • Take an active part in architecting new features and services
  • Lead more junior members of the team
  • Create new features or parts of applications (this involves coding, of course)
  • Develop components and libraries that are reusable and future-proof
  • Confident in using UI/UX designs or wireframes to create the respective code and the application, as pixel-perfect as possible
  • Create and maintain the server-side services powering Allegrow
  • Write high quality, readable and testable code
  • Design and optimise applications for high performance, high availability and low latency - we are growing fast
  • Work on security and data protection
  • You’ll own the full lifecycle of the services you’re working on, from designing them to growing, scaling and debugging them

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • You’ve been using React and Node, including the most common packages in the ecosystem in a high-load production environment - this is mandatory
  • You’re confident with asynchronous programming concepts and how to use them pragmatically from Javascript (we use async/await extensively throughout the codebase)
  • Goes without saying, familiarity with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Working knowledge of npm and the tools ecosystem
  • Ability to model and apply authorization and permission control between users, systems and services
  • Knowledge of how to incorporate different data sources and databases and how to deliver the optimal output to different client platforms (mobile vs desktop)
  • Familiarity with how to create modular Node.js applications - we’re using microservices
  • Proficiency with databases and pragmatically modelling business processes through well-designed schemas
  • Understanding of automated unit tests and testing platforms and how to implement and integrate them
  • Thorough knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git and GitFlow

If this is you, reach out to us and let's have a chat. Please do share with us a project you're proud of, we're interested in them.

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