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React.js Developer

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React.js Developer

Global (Remote)

We are looking for a React.js developer that has a solid knowledge of modern (ES6+) client-side Javascript. 

Working mainly on the front-end part of our application, you will build user-facing components and implement them with different workflows and toolsets like Redux and Flux. 

Your primary task is to develop a stable, robust, aesthetic and maintainable product. 

You also need a good understanding of the toolchain of modern web development including packers and transpilers and apply these pragmatically to achieve high-quality deliverables.


  • Create new features or parts of applications (Allegrow is just the beginning)
  • Develop components and libraries that are reusable and future-proof
  • Confident in using UI/UX designs or wireframes to create the respective code and the application, as pixel-perfect as possible
  • Use your knowledge on React.js and its lifecycle to maximise components performance across different devices and browsers

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Deep understanding of React.js and its fundamentals, ideally including modern features like hooks
  • Excellent understanding of Javascript including the OOP concept and how shadow DOM and DOM work
  • Experience with widely used React.js state managers like Flux, Redux, Thunks or Sagas
  • Knowing modern ECMAScript (currently ECMAScript 8)
  • Experience with data structure libraries like Immutable.js
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Understanding isomorphic React
  • Know how to implement authorisation with mechanisms like OAuth, JSON Web Token
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools like Webpack, Babel, NPM etc.
  • Knowledge of the overall browser rendering behaviour and measuring and optimising performance
  • Strong hands-on experience with source code management systems like Git
  • Understanding of what the business / stakeholders need and transfer that into your project

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