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Business Leadership

Grow Sales

When driving growth by acquiring new customers is a top priority for your business - Allegrow is the platform your B2B sales team uses to systematically engage and pitch decision-makers every day.

Scale Outreach

Enable your go-to-market team increase their outreach while keeping communication with potential customers highly personal and authentic. Allegrow will increase their outreach by 1,200% while keeping messages genuine and personal.

Drive Efficiency

Provide your sales team with the emails and phone numbers of decision-makers at businesses they want to pitch from over 47+ million compliant profiles. So your sales team can start selling and stop researching.

Create coordination

Let your sales team put admin on autopilot using Allegrow: leads are automatically pushed to the CRM, coaching can be offered using real-time data not guesswork and gamification lights the competitive fire in your reps.

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The Results

"On Allegrow we’ve seen a marked increase in demo requests and created approximately $100,000 worth of qualified sales opportunities.”
Nadine ter Meulen, Global Marketing Director - OnApp
“Customer acquisition cost 50% lower compared to Google ads, and a 25% increase in conversions. Sales wise £9,862 revenue has been booked so far from Allegrow leads”
James Oladujoye, CEO - The Coffee Desk
“We tried a similar approach previously with no success but Allegrow has shown us this was down to execution. The platform has doubled our number of leads for the sales team.”
Charles Cridland, Chief Information Officer - YourParkingSpace